Have A Tiny Bathroom Storage Dilemma? Change The Mirror, Vanity And More


Trying to get a lot of storage in a very small bathroom can be a challenge, especially if you only have a pedestal sink. If you are trying to make more out of the space, and you there aren't a lot of changes you can make to the layout or appliances and cabinets in the space, you have to get creative.

Talk with a remodeling professional that can help you with some renovations and installations and can help you figure out new plans for the space. Here are some things that you might be able to do.

Pick a Mirror with Storage

Get a large bathroom mirror that has a storage area behind the glass. There are options you can choose from that have different sizes of storage shelving, and you will have to decide which mirror with built-in storage will look the best in the space.

Go Into the Drywall With Built-Ins

A great way to save space is to put the mirror into the drywall. It may depend on where the wall studs are, and the weight-bearing walls, but you may be able to cut into the wall and insert the mirror. Then the mirror isn't going to stick out as far, or maybe not at all depending on how deep the wall is.

You also want to see if you can get some built-in cabinets created. By inserting a shallow cabinet into the wall, you can get more storage closet space and options for hiding shower products, hair tools and more.

Get a Vanity

Find out if you can get a vanity that is narrow and small to fit into the spot where the pedestal sink is located, but with some storage. You can have one custom built if the ones at the local home improvement stores are too wide. This also gives you some more counter space to work with when you are getting ready or using the bathroom for other reasons.

If your small bathroom is causing a lot of problems because you have no storage and there isn't any way to store anything, it's time to talk with a renovation contractor to see what storage options can be added to the space. Building into the wall may be one of the easiest ways to get storage, along with hanging cabinets. Get an estimate and talk with the renovation professional about what different changes can be made to improve the space. Contact a company like Econo Glass Systems to learn more about bathroom mirror installation in your area.


10 October 2019

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