3 Important Things To Look For In A Windshield Replacement Company


There may come a time when a crack develops on your windshield. It may be large enough to warrant a windshield replacement. If you're having this service performed, it's important to look for a windshield replacement company that offers the following things.  Mobile Service If you have a busy schedule, it can be hard finding the time in the day to head to an actual windshield replacement shop. If you're in this boat, that's perfectly okay.

19 November 2019

Repair Or Replace? Deciding What To Do About A Damaged Windshield


If your windshield has been damaged, you're probably wondering whether you can get away with a repair or if you need to replace the whole thing. Looking carefully at several factors can help you determine the most inexpensive solution. How Big Is the Damaged Area? The first thing to consider when deciding what to do about your windshield is to assess the size of the damage. Many smaller cracks and chips can be repaired safely without replacing the entire windshield, which costs much more than a repair.

12 November 2019

Have A Tiny Bathroom Storage Dilemma? Change The Mirror, Vanity And More


Trying to get a lot of storage in a very small bathroom can be a challenge, especially if you only have a pedestal sink. If you are trying to make more out of the space, and you there aren't a lot of changes you can make to the layout or appliances and cabinets in the space, you have to get creative. Talk with a remodeling professional that can help you with some renovations and installations and can help you figure out new plans for the space.

10 October 2019

Need To Purchase A New Shower? 3 Tips For Getting The Right Type Of Door


If your shower door is damaged and worn out, or you are just updating your bathroom and need to purchase a new shower door, there are a few things you are going to need to know and do in order to pick the right shower door for your bathroom. #1 Know What Style of Door You Need First, you need to know what style of shower door you need. Do you have a tub that you want to put a shower door on?

29 August 2019

A Rock Chipped The Windshield Of A Rental Moving Truck: Who Has To Fix The Damage?


If you are renting a moving truck, it is important that you carefully read through the lease agreement. This will tell you who is responsible for different types of damage that may occur to the truck while it is in your possession. If you are driving a rental moving truck and a rock chips the windshield, you may wonder if you are responsible or if the rental company will fix the damage.

25 June 2019

Making Use Of Glass To Modernize Your Bathroom


If you are looking for ways to refresh and modernize your home, you will rarely go wrong by updating an old and outdated bathroom. Bathroom renovations provide some of the best returns on investment of any home remodeling project, potentially offering up to a 70% return on the money spent. You might even see a larger return on your investment if the bathroom you are renovating is particularly old or dreary and its poor condition was bringing the value of your home down with it.

25 April 2019

Own Your Own Business? 3 Ways Adding Window Tint Can Benefit You


If you own your own business, you should consider adding window tint to the windows. There are a variety of shades of tints you can choose from. Adding tint also benefits your company in many ways, three of which are listed below. Offers Protection from Harmful UV Rays Adding window tint to the windows will offer protection from harmful UV rays. This is especially beneficial if your business has large windows where a lot of sun shines in.

9 January 2019