A Rock Chipped The Windshield Of A Rental Moving Truck: Who Has To Fix The Damage?


If you are renting a moving truck, it is important that you carefully read through the lease agreement. This will tell you who is responsible for different types of damage that may occur to the truck while it is in your possession. If you are driving a rental moving truck and a rock chips the windshield, you may wonder if you are responsible or if the rental company will fix the damage. Here is what you need to know. 

Who Is Responsible for Fixing the Damage to the Rental Moving Truck?

As the renter, you are responsible for fixing the damage to the rental moving truck if a rock or other type of road debris hits the windshield and leaves a chip or crack behind. You can utilize the services of a truck glass service to replace the windshield. If you fail to replace the damage on your own, the rental company will fix the damage that occurred and then charge your credit card on file or bill you. In most cases, it is significantly cheaper to hire a truck glass service to replace the glass than it is to let the rental company do the work and bill you. 

Can the Chip Be Repaired? 

Technically, a chip in auto glass or truck glass can be repaired. However, most rental contracts state that the rental moving truck must be returned in the same condition as when it left. If you return a truck with a chip or crack in the windshield, even if the chip or crack has been filled, you are not fulfilling the requirement. In most cases, you must replace the windshield, so that it is free of all chips or cracks. If you have any questions about whether you can repair a chip or crack in the windshield, contact the rental company for their specific requirements. 

How Can You Decrease Your Exposure When Renting a Moving Truck? 

When you are renting a moving truck, the moving truck company will give you the option of buying a supplemental insurance policy. This supplemental policy covers you against any type of accident, including chips or cracks to the windshield. Purchasing a supplemental insurance policy when you rent a moving truck is the best way to limit your exposure to unforeseen problems, such as a nail in a tire or a rock hitting the windshield. 

You cannot prevent a rock or other debris from hitting your windshield, when you are driving a moving truck. Buying insurance helps to protect you from the unexpected. However, if you have already rented the truck without insurance, and a rock has damaged the windshield, hiring a truck glass service professional for truck glass replacement is the best way to solve the problem you are currently facing. 


25 June 2019

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