Reasons To Have Window Film Installed On Your Restaurant Windows


If the windows in your restaurant are a constant source of frustration because the blinds need to be altered throughout the day to block the sun, you might want to have window film installed. Window film has many benefits, especially for a restaurant that has several windows that overlook a scenic view. Here are some things the film can do for your restaurant.

Window Film Blocks Glare

A big benefit of window film is that it blocks glare. You can eliminate the need for blinds on the windows and open up the view even more. Your patrons won't be blinded by the sun as it changes positions throughout the day. This ensures your restaurant can offer fantastic views in the early morning and late afternoon hours when you might normally have to close the blinds to block the sun.

The Film Blocks Heat Transfer

Another way window film can benefit your restaurant is by blocking heat transfer. This keeps the temperature in your restaurant uniform, so people dining near the windows aren't too hot while those in the middle of the room are too cold. Even when the sun is shining on the film, the amount of heat that passes through the window is reduced, so people sitting next to the windows are comfortable.

Window Film Protects Your Carpet And Upholstery

Window film blocks UV rays. UV rays can be damaging to fabrics when they are exposed all day through the windows. When you have film applied, the UV rays are reflected away rather than shining through onto your chairs and floor. This prevents fading so your fabrics maintain their rich color and there will be no color differences between the carpet next to the windows and carpets that are out of the light.

Window Film Can Protect Against Intruders

One danger of having a wall of glass on your restaurant building is it makes your business vulnerable to intruders who try to break out the glass. Commercial window film is a big help in the area since it can make the glass so strong that it can't be broken out. While the glass may break if an intruder pounds on it with a bat or other object, the strong film holds the glass in the frame so the intruder can't gain entry. Plus, the heavy banging on the window to try and break it will slow the intruder down or draw attention. In addition to keeping your customers comfortable, having window film adds another layer of security to your building.


12 February 2018

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