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Add Style To Your Bathroom With Glass Shower Enclosures

If you currently have a precast bathtub and shower basin with a curtain and rod system, you should consider upgrading to a permanent glass enclosure. This is a smart investment that can make your shower more stylish, enjoyable, and better at retaining water. A glass shower enclosure can also add value to your bathroom. This article explains the perks of installing a glass shower enclosure, and what you should look out for when shopping around.

Why Glass?

Glass showers are obviously a big upgrade from a normal curtain and rod system. They are seen as being more stylish and more classy. Of course, they cost more, but it is well worth if you are trying to add some value to your home. Floor to ceiling enclosures are the most popular, even though they are also the most expensive. They make the room look bigger and allow for a more seamless transition from the floor and wall tiles to the tub tiles. On top of this, a floor to ceiling enclosure is going to help reduce moisture in the rest of the bathroom. Steam outside the shower will be less of an issue.

Tempered Glass

The glass used in a shower enclosure is (by law) always tempered. Not only does this means that it is less likely to shatter, it also means that, if it does break, it forms small round pebbles that aren't very sharp. But, the glass is also securely fastened and it is very unlikely that it will ever break or shatter. So, you should really have any safety concerns, even if you have young children.

Glass Needs to Be Cleaned

It is important to realize that glass shower enclosures need to be cleaned more often than other choices. Otherwise, you will have visible water spots to deal with. Some people just squeegee their glass after each shower to reduce water spots. Regardless, you will occasionally need to clean your enclosure with glass cleaner to keep it looking good.


The best thing about glass shower enclosures is that they can be custom built to fit your room. That is, you can have your glass built around your custom tile basin. This means you can truly customize your entire bathroom and make it unique. Your glass can be made to fit just about any design.

Glass shower enclosures are a smart choice for homeowners hoping to add some class to their bathrooms.

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