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Purchase Gifts For Your Grandfather That Will Enhance His Favorite Activities

If your grandfather is a hardworking man and enjoys coming home to relax in his favorite recliner while smoking a couple cigars and surfing channels on television, you can purchase some gifts for him on his next birthday that will enhance his favorite activities and make him feel valued and loved.

A Heated Blanket, Slippers, And A Robe

Purchase a heated blanket that your grandfather can drape over himself if he is feeling a bit chilly. A battery-operated blanket will not take long to warm up and can be laundered with other blankets or garments that your grandfather owns. Buy a pair of fuzzy slippers and a matching robe that has your grandfather's initials sewn across the front of it. If you locate a robe that you think your loved one will like, but it doesn't have any initials on it, purchase the robe and take it to a tailor or seamstress to have the letters added. 

A Glass Pipe And Personalized Tobacco Holder

Glass pipes are popular with smokers because they do not require water or rolling papers, are stylish, affordable, and lightweight. Purchase a glass pipe that contains a design or inscription that reminds you of your grandfather. Place the glass pipe in a cushioned box so that the glass does not become damaged prior to giving the smoking implement to your family member.

Buy glass pipes online and a personalized tobacco holder that your grandfather can add his favorite blend to. After your loved one receives the gifts, he can set the pipe and tobacco holder on an end table that is next to his recliner and enjoy smoking whenever the urge strikes. 

Recordings Of Movies And Shows

If your grandfather has some favorite movies and shows that he likes to watch, but is often sidetracked due to the abundance of commercials that he is faced with whenever he attempts to watch a film or program, record several of his favorites and omit the commercials. Label the disc with the names of the movies and shows and the years that they were produced. Place the disc inside of a plastic case.

Attach a blank label on to the front of the case and write a brief, endearing message to your grandfather. Explain that you have always kept track of the things he enjoys viewing and that you would like him to be able to enjoy his favorites uninterrupted whenever he would like to unwind after a hard day's work. 

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