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5 Ways To Weather The Hurricane

If you live on the Eastern seaboard or the Gulf Coast, chances are, you will experience a tropical storm or hurricane at least once in your life. While these formidable acts of Mother Nature can be devastating, there are steps you can take to protect your home from the damaging winds and driving rains as well as make life a little more comfortable. Here are five ideas you can implement.

Hurricane Impact Windows

Hurricane windows made from impact-resistant glass can go a long way in protecting your home from not only the strong winds but the flying objects that can act as ballistics. You can also install shutters for extra added protection. These shutters can slide over the windows when you know a storm is on its way, and then be slid back to the sides once the storm has blown by. You can also do the same for your doors. Battening down the hatches for each storm will help keep your home safe.

Tend To Your Yard

Any powerful storm can wreak havoc on your landscaping and trees. Keeping your trees well pruned throughout the year will reduce the overall damage after the storm. You will also want to make sure you remove or anchor down any outdoor patio furniture, grills, umbrellas, or other objects that could become airborne in strong winds.

Install A Garage Door Made For Hurricanes

If your home has an attached garage, your garage doors can be a weak point in your home. The wide expanse of the garage door is extra susceptible to the strong winds produced during a hurricane. If the doors break or are opened, the wind can then swirl around inside the garage, creating a powerful force that could potentially blow the house apart. Install hurricane-resistant garage doors to hopefully prevent this problem.

Keep Your Gutters Clean

The torrential rains that are almost always a part of a hurricane need to go somewhere. If your gutters are clogged with leaves and pine needles, the water won't be carried away from your home. Instead, it will likely end up in your crawlspace or worse, the house itself. This can damage your foundation and make it susceptible to floating away.

Get A Generator

Having a sump pump on an emergency backup generator is a good idea, too. This will also provide you electricity while the grid is down. Generators are extremely noisy, so a designated structure is the best way to keep the noise level down while enjoying being able to charge your electronic devices and have light.

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