Faded Curtains? Tips To Keep The Sun's Harsh Rays Out Of Your Home


If your curtains and other fabrics look faded or discolored, blame it on the sun's harsh rays. Even small amounts of sunlight can wreak havoc on delicate curtains and materials, particularly items placed in front of windows. With the helpful tips below, you can keep the sun's harsh rays and heat from damaging your items even further.

Use Blinds

The sun's heat and ultraviolet rays are generally at their worst between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Windows facing the west side of your home are more vulnerable to the sun's heat and light than windows facing east, north, or south. The curtains and other treatments covering your west-facing windows can potentially fade or discolor from the direct sunlight.

You can keep prying eyes out of your home by placing UV-resistant blinds on your west-facing windows. The blinds contain additives that block or repel the sun's rays. You can open the blinds early in the morning or late in the evening to allow sunlight to filter into your home. The sun's rays are generally weaker during these times.

You can still cover your windows with curtains and draperies for decoration. But if you still notice fading and other problems in your items, tint your window glass.

Tint Your Windows

Window tinting is a unique technique used to block or reduce the sun's rays and heat. Contractors generally use a material called film to cover the glass. The film forms a tight seal over the surfaces of the glass, which keeps it in place during hot, cold, and wet conditions.

Window film usually comes in different shades of black. The darker the shade, the more protection you receive from the sun. Some contractors offer decorative film, such as flowers, hearts, and other designs. Decorative tint can range from clear to red, depending on the style and function.

A contractor will normally clean each glass pane before they install the film. The glass should be completely free of debris for the film to adhere to it properly. You can get a head start on the process by washing and drying your window glass. Be sure to remove all particles of dust, fingerprints, and smudges from the glass during the cleaning.

If possible, clean the sills and other parts of the frames during your cleaning. Dust can stick to the film and keep it from bonding properly. If you find it difficult to clean your windows, simply wait and allow an installer to do it for you.

You can keep your curtains and other fabrics safe from the sun by contacting a window glass and tinting specialist today.


18 December 2017

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