3 Common Types Of Glass Damage To Be Mindful Of


Glass plays a prominent role in many architectural designs. Glass can be used for windows, doors, and decorative features to help let natural light stream into a building. While glass serves a valuable role, it can also become a source of concern when it becomes damaged.

Here are three common types of damage that you should be mindful of when maintaining your glass so that you can keep your architectural glass in good condition over time.

1. Environmental Damage

Once your architectural glass elements have been installed, they are exposed to a number of potentially damaging environmental conditions. If you are located in an air with significant air pollution, acid rain could etch the surface of your glass.

High winds could cause the glass to crack, and even sprinklers from a building's landscape can spray onto glass causing hard water spots to form. When you are aware of the environmental dangers, you can take action to prevent them from permanently damaging your architectural glass in the future.

2. Cleaning Damage

Regular cleaning is essential when it comes to preserving the beauty of your architectural glass. While this cleaning is important, it can also serve as a source of potential damage for your glass surfaces.

Any minuscule particles left on the surface of the glass during manufacturing can be spread across the glass during cleaning. If these particles have jagged edges, they could scratch your architectural glass. Be sure that you use cleaning products designed specifically for architectural glass so that you minimize the risk of cleaning damage becoming a concern in the future.

3. Construction Damage

It's important that you take the time to carefully inspect your architectural glass once it has been installed. Since this glass can be delicate, it is at risk of sustaining damage during the installation process.

Construction damage can manifest in the form of hairline fractures, chips, or cracks within the surface of your architectural glass. If you notice any construction damage, you should demand that a new pane of glass be installed to preserve the structural integrity of your building over time.

Being able to identify some common causes of glass damage will help you better care for the glass surfaces within your building in the future. Watch for environmental conditions that could damage your glass, use specialized cleaning products to prevent glass damage, and inspect for construction damage when installing new glass surfaces.


13 December 2017

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