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What To Do If Your Car's Windshield Cracks

Whether your windshield was hit by a flying object or the glass cracked due to extreme cold, you'll want to take steps to repair the damage so you can drive safely. Here are a few things you can do if you spot a crack in your windshield.

Use A Repair Kit

A windshield repair kit won't completely remove the crack from the glass, but it can help to prevent the crack from spreading before you have your windshield replaced. These repair kits come with a special resin, which seals the crack and prevents stress from causing the crack to spread. You can purchase a repair kit at your local auto parts store, though there are a few DIY methods you can use as well. If you are stuck without a kit, you can use superglue as a temporary way to prevent the crack from spreading.

Determine If Your Vehicle Is Safe To Drive

A small crack may not impede your ability to drive to your local repair shop, but a large crack can make driving dangerous. A crack can limit your field of vision while driving, making it more difficult to see potential hazards while you are on the road. If your car's windshield damage makes it unsafe for you to drive, contact your local auto glass repair shop. In some cases, the repair technician can meet you at your home or wherever your car is, giving you a way to get your car road-ready once again.

Check To See If The Damage Is Covered

Depending on the type of coverage you have for your vehicle, your auto insurance company may cover the cost of replacing your windshield. For drivers with comprehensive coverage, damage from falling objects, such as tree limbs or hail, may fall under the umbrella of protection. If your windshield cracks on its own, consult your manufacturer's warranty, as there may be some repair or replacement coverage for faulty construction. When you have your windshield replaced, ask the auto glass repair shop if there is a warranty for the replacement. In some cases, there may be coverage that protects you in the event of a faulty product or improper installation.

Keep the phone number for your local auto glass repair shop stored in your phone so you have someone to call in the event of a cracked or broken windshield and buy a repair kit to keep in your trunk just in case you ever need to quickly repair a crack. For more information, contact a business such as Express Glass Inc.

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