Help! There's A Crack In My Glass Shower Door


Glass shower doors eliminate the need for bulky shower curtains and hard-to-hang rods while creating a modern look in your bathroom. They are built to withstand the effects of normal wear and tear, but sometimes unexpected issues arise. Here's what to do if you find a crack in your glass shower door. 

Avoid Using Your Shower

If you have another shower, use that one until you resolve the situation with your shower door. A small crack may spread until the entire door shatters, putting you at risk for cuts and scrapes. It may also be harder to repair the shower door if the crack grows, so bathe in another bathroom until you figure out how you want to handle the damage.

Check Your Warranty

It's unusual for a shower door to crack because many doors are made from multiple layers of shatterproof glass. A manufacturing error may have contributed to the damage in your door, so review your warranty to see if it covers a replacement door.

Even if you don't have a warranty, you should contact the company that manufactured or installed your glass shower door. They may offer to repair or replace it at no cost to you.

Consult an Expert

Hopefully the manufacturer or installation company resolves your issue, but if they don't, it's time to meet with an established expert. Contact a reputable company that specializes in glass shower door replacement to figure out what you should do about your cracked shower door. Some cracks are repairable, but the company might recommend replacing your shower door if the crack is large or deep. 

Consider a Custom Shower Enclosure

Custom shower enclosures are an excellent option for homeowners who have been disappointed by previous shower door installations. A custom shower enclosure is designed just for you, so you don't have to worry about pieces that are too big or too small for your bathroom. You can even choose the materials that the company uses for your shower door, so make sure you opt for a resilient glass enclosure that won't crack or chip easily.

While you're replacing your damaged door, you may decide you want to install an entirely new shower enclosure. That's something the company can help you do, so talk to a trusted team member about your wishes. You can customize every step of the installation process, making it simple to create the shower of your dreams.


6 December 2017

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