Why Do Windshield Cracks Spread In The Winter?


If you have a windshield with a crack that you have been ignoring for some time, then now may be the time to invest in a glass repair service. Winter weather can and will cause cracks to spread, and you should seek out assistance before this happens. If you are wondering exactly why the cracks spread in cold weather, then keep reading:

Cold Causes Concavity

You probably already know that temperature changes cause glass to expand and contract. The heat during the summer months causes contraction and this does little to affect windshield cracks unless the temperatures are fairly extreme. When it comes to the cold though, the temperatures cause the windshield to become concave. This type of movement places a great deal of pressure on the glass and the crack will then spread. 

If the concave glass is then blasted with warm air from your car heater, then your windshield will warm up rapidly. This will also cause a crack to spread. 

If possible, try to keep your car in a garage where it will not be exposed to extremely cold temperatures. Also, when warming up your car, do not put the heat on full blast. Gently warm the interior instead and use the vents along the floor to warm up your car. This way the heated air will not blast against your windshield. 

Pressure Causes Spreading

If you have ever rushed to get out of the driving on a cold winter morning, then you probably know what it is like to aggressively scrape ice and snow from your windshield. While this might get you out of the driveway more quickly, you will place a great deal of pressure on your windshield glass. Any extra pressure on the windshield can cause cracks to spread. 

You need to take your time removing snow. You should use your snow brush to gently remove snow and then use your windshield defrosters to melt away the ice. If the ice is thick, it can take several defrost cycles to remove all of it. 

If you are in a hurry, then you can use an ice melting spray to remove the accumulation. There are a variety of substances that will melt the ice including rubbing alcohol and a simple saline solution. Gently spray your mixture on the windshield glass and then use your windshield defrosters to remove the rest of it. Do not use your windshield wipers to remove the ice either since this can place pressure on the damaged glass as well. 

Contact local glass repair services for more information and assistance. 


29 November 2017

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