The Pros And Cons Of Using Glass Shower Doors


Have you ever thought about remodeling your bathroom? Maybe you're tired of the old, tired look of the room and want to give it a fresh, new look. There are many options you can go with when changing the style of your bathroom. One area, in particular, is the shower. Just redoing the shower can give the room a whole new feel. Replacing the shower with glass sliding doors is one of the popular options that you can go with. This guide weighs the pros and cons of choosing glass shower doors.


1. Mold

Showers that don't have glass doors have to use a shower curtain and liner so the water doesn't escape the confines of the shower. Over time, if you don't properly clean the curtains or liner, mold can grow on them. By using sliding glass doors, you minimize the areas that mold can grow. This is a huge advantage since mold can be hazardous to your health.

2. Cleaning

Taking down the shower curtain and liner to clean them and then going through the difficult task of re-hanging everything can get exhausting and frustrating. Showers with glass doors have a less strenuous method of cleaning. With most styles, all you need is a good squeegee. You just take a squeegee and run it up and down the glass.

3. Look

For some rooms, a shower curtain can tie the whole theme of the room together, but they don't really look as nice as glass doors. If you want to fancy up the room a bit, you can get different styles of glass instead of the default clear glass, such as:

  • Frosted

  • Rain

  • Bronze

  • Gray


1. Price

One of the disadvantages of using glass doors is the price associated with purchasing them and installation. However, the doors typically end up paying for themselves with the life expectancy attached to them.

2. Fragile

Of course, the fragility of the glass itself can be a con. The glass can crack or shatter with accidents. Luckily, glass shower doors are usually made out of tempered glass which is designed to break into bigger pieces if something happens to it. This minimizes the risk of injuries and makes it easier to clean up.

3. Leaks

In some cases, the rubber seal around the doors can break down, causing water to leak out of the shower. Depending on the warranty, you may be able to get it replaced for you without paying out of pocket for the repair.


28 November 2017

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