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Five Things That Have To Go During Your Shower Remodel

Given the growth in the bath and body industry, the investment made into the bathing and showering experience is clearly massive. Unfortunately, all the high end, sweet-smelling products and essential oils will have no relaxing effect on you if your bathroom is stuck in the 18th century.

Everyone appreciates designer, 18th century restored bathtubs, but that is not what this article is talking about. But cracked tiles, outdated shower curtains, and dingy lights are something you shouldn't have to put up with.

The bathroom is usually among the first recipient of remodeling from a homeowner. It is imperative that the remodeling not only spruces up the space, but also gets rid of redundant features that continually spoil your bath experience. Five key areas of that need a revamp are mentioned below.

1. Your Toilet

Replace your toilet with a low flow toilet with a hidden tank. Not only does it reduce your water bills, the discreet tank creates more room which can be used for cabinets or other bathroom fittings. The best part is that it is compatible with all types of constructions: modular or on-site built homes.

2. Your Tiles

There are tons of tiling options for the floor of your shower but you must choose one that is safe. Older shower tiles tend to be as slippery as wall tiles but you can replace them with textured ones which are generally smaller in size. The grouting in the texture will keep your feet from slipping when the floor becomes wet and soapy.

3. Your Plumbing

Invest in the 2-inch plumbing to replace the common 5-inch plumbing found in the bathroom. The 2-inch plumbing works more efficiently in draining and is less prone to clogging. The best part is that they both cost the same.

4. The Shower Curtain

The shower curtain has become obsolete. In its place, a glass shower enclosure would do nicely and provide more privacy and protection from water to the items outside the shower.

5. The Cabinetry

Replace cabinets that are jutting out with recessed ones in order to create more space. Placing the cabinet within the wall is also a safety feature so that when you are bending towards the sink you do not bump your head on the edge of the cabinet.

Other areas where you can improve during the remodeling process include the windows and lighting. The two work areas should complement each other as the window provides natural light and the lighting can change the setting from natural light to a dimmer mood for baths and relaxation.

Getting rid of the older version of the above fittings you are making your bathroom more efficient and functional.

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