4 Technical Elements To Consider When Designing A Glass Shower


When designing a glass shower, once you pick out the type of glass that you want for your shower, there are some more technical elements that you need to pay attention to in order to get the type of shower that you really want.

#1 Type of Curb

First, you need to determine what type of curb you want your shower to have. The two main types of curbs that showers have are flush curbs or regular curbs.

A flush curb means that the bottom of your shower door meets with the floor of your shower, and any water that gets all the way to your shower door could leak under it and into your bathroom. A regular curb is a couple of inches wide and thick.

A regular curb is designed to keep water inside of your shower and provide a barrier between your shower and your bathroom floor. If you install a regular curb, make sure that it is slightly sloped towards the shower drain to ensure that water doesn't rest on top of the curb. This incline should be very gradual.

#2 Slant of Shower Floor

Second, you need to make sure that your shower door has the right slant. From the outer edges of your shower to your shower drain, your shower floor should have an incline. You want the incline to be great enough that water will easily flow down the shower drain, but not so great that you feel like you going downhill or standing on an actual incline when you are taking a shower.

#3 Type of Drain

Third, think about the type of drain that you want to install on the floor of your shower. Do you want a small shower drain or a larger shower drain? Make sure that you are able to clean and keep hair out of whatever shower drain you choose. You want to be able to put a hair catcher that you can comfortable use and clean over the shower drain that you choose. Research different types of hair catchers before determining the size of shower drain you want to put in your new shower.

#4 Shower Head Location

Fourth, consider where you want the shower head. You want the shower head to be high enough up that anyone who comes over to your house can use the shower head. Even if you are on the shorter side, you don't want to put the shower head down so low that it would be difficult for a taller individual to use your shower. This will make it difficult for guests or new partners to use your shower, and could be a turn off to potential buyers when you sell your home.

When designing your new shower, be sure to think carefully about the type of curb, slope, drain and shower head location you want to use in your new shower. These small design elements will affect the overall feel of new glass shower enclosures


27 November 2017

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